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Service is the act of helping or doing work for someone. At CAMPWISE we love to serve. Our mission is to serve our customers so that in turn our customers can provide outstanding service to their constituencies.

Service is more than training, support or answering a call. Service is providing a great product using the latest technologies. Service is providing great reporting tools that enable customers to mine the data they need from all the information CAMPWISE collects. Service is providing outstanding support through a competent and friendly staff committed to mission. And Service is helping customers provide superior service through superior software that improves efficiencies, lowers cost and provides a great customer experience.

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Mobile friendly Camp Management Software

Easy-to-Use, Leading Edge Technology CAMPWISE is a product with as much depth as any software in the industry. We serve camps, schools and organizations who handle 200-30,000 registrations annually through individual and group registrations. The CAMPWISE product includes an online suite of products for registration, staff applications, donations and conference. We have mobile enabled our product so it is accessible from tablets and smartphones as well as from Macs and PCs.

CAMPWISE includes components for registration, staff, activity scheduling, transportation, conference and group registrations, point of sale, donor, medical, and check-in.

CAMPWISE is based on a design of using a single common record per individual or organization that is created when a person is first entered in the system and then becomes the foundation for all future additions. For example, an individual is created when they register for their first program. Later the camper becomes a staff then a donor and eventually a parent, all the while retaining the same record. This provides the ability to track the individual with all their interactions within your organization.


CAMPWISE has an extensive set of reports for campers, staff, donor and conference. CAMPWISE has the ability to email to any records in the database to send confirmations, session packets, donor receipts, group contracts and invoices and hundreds of other options. The CAMPWISE Report Scheduler is unique to CAMPWISE and allows CAMPWISE users to schedule reports to run automatically daily, weekly, monthly or just once at a time you set.

CAMPWISE reporting is extensive from standard reports and labels to crosstabs and graphs. CAMPWISE provides additional services to help create the reports to meet any specific and special needs.


CAMPWISE is affordable. You can purchase CAMPWISE with an upfront payment or you can pay by the month. You can purchase one component to start and add other component later or purchase them all at once. With our online capabilities, one can take registrations without having to manual input them, take staff applications and receive reference directly into CAMPWISE, and with the ability to schedule reports so they run automatically, your staff can work on serving customers instead of having to manually run reports or enter registrations

CAMPWISE helps your business become more efficient and customer friendly.


CAMPWISE is cloud based and hardware independent. We have developed the software to be responsive so that the screens will adjust their size to fit a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

We have built CAMPWISE using a common records which allows us to have a person have multiple roles and relationships but be in the database just once. We have the ability to store a name once but attach it to other records as a parent one time, as an emergency contact attached to other records and perhaps as a contact for a group. In addition a person could at some point be a camper, staff and donor so that anytime you change an address you only need to change one time.

Our online products are directly tied into the database so as a change is made online it can immediately be seen by the CAMPWISE user in the office. All changes are immediate.

CAMPWISE is browser based and browser independent. Use Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Firefox and others.


CAMPWISE Camp Management Software It's this concept applied to Camp Management Software CAMPWISE is cloud-based software that provides camps and conference centers with a complete management solution. Windows, OSX