It's this concept applied to software

THINK ABOUT CAMPWISERapid changes in technology affect everyone, including camps. Camp registration software alone is no longer sufficient to meet the demands placed upon camp staff. Increasing efficiencies and saving both time and money have placed a growing importance on features such as online self-service functions (registration, payments, staff applications, etc.), automated email processes, and reports that provide, in real-time, the data camps want in the format they want. How you do business has changed and so should the software that runs your business.

When you take a closer look at our camp management software, you'll see that CAMPWISE is different from all the rest.
There's a camp management software tool that does practically everything. It's CAMPWISE, an all-in-one software management system designed specifically for camps. CAMPWISE gives you every capability you will ever need in a single package.  Register for a live online demo | Request more information

The CAMPWISE Difference

CAMPWISE has been designed to save camps time and effort. Our online features (payments, registration, staff, donor, conference, etc.) are integrated with our standard management features to save time and money.

Other time saving features are auto-housing, activity scheduling, real-time credit card processing, recurring payment plan processing, scheduled reports and emails, and so much more.

Online Self-Service Features

• Online Camper/Group Registration
• Online Donor
• Online Staff
• Online Conference
• Online Payments/Payment Plans
• Real-time Payment Processing
• E-check Payment Option

CAMPWISE Reporting

Our standard reports are written to include multiple selection criteria, sorts, etc. so that users can take one standard report and create many types of reports, rosters, lists, etc. from the same report just by changing the parameters and sorts.

We provide report writing assistance for our customers and will modify or create reports as requested. Users can also create their own reports and modify reports if they wish.