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CAMPWISE is cloud-based software that provides summer camps and conference centers with an all-in-one solution.


It's This Concept Applied To Camp Software
It's This Concept Applied To Camp Software


Common Records

One Person. One Record. Infinite History. CAMPWISE Common Records allows you to manage each person's history in one concise record. With Common Records you can follow a person’s history from camper to staff to donor to parent all with one record and without duplicate data entry.

  • All persons (campers, parents, staff, donors, etc.) and organizations (donors and guest groups) are stored in a single table within the database. All the historical information is tied to that single record.
  • Persons can be noted as Campers (have registration history), Staff, and/or Donors. This allows for segmentation of the master mailing list and persons can have more than one record type.
  • Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are each stored once in master tables.
  • Unlimited relationships can exist for each person, organization, address, phone number, or email address. For example, one parent can be linked to each of their children or one address can be linked to each member of a family.
  • Persons and organization can have unlimited number of addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses linked to them. For each person or organization one address, one phone, and one email can be marked as the primary.
  • Camps can create their own address, phone, and email types.
  • Users can also search for a specific address, phone, or email, see all linked records, and then enact addresses changes for all records or selectively for just some records.
  • When updating an address for one specific person or organization, the user will see all other records in the database linked to that address and can update all records with the new address or selectively change some of the records. This is also true for phones and emails.


Manage all your camps and other individual based registration events (adult retreats, after school programs, etc.) with this component. Functions include registration (both online and manual entry), finance, housing/grouping, transportation, and activity scheduling.

Camper Registration

  • Track all required information for new camper/registrant in the CAMPWISE Common Records database (one person record with multiple roles/multiple relationships) shared by all CAMPWISE components thus eliminating duplicate data entry and creating one complete mailing list.
  • Unlimited sessions, programs and sub-programs are defined to meet each camp’s needs.
  • Track camper enrollment for each session/program by registration status (Enrolled, Registered, or Waitlisted) to maximize capacity and revenues.
  • Determine relevant information to be collected for the camper and adults involved with the camper (mother, father, extended family and/or guardian).
  • Define unlimited number of forms to collect information specific to a program (adventure, sports, etc.) or general information such as medical information.
  • Setup pricing options to meet camp policies (discounts, tiered pricing, third party arrangements, camper specific payment plans).
  • Accommodate group hold registrations for any session and program.
  • Maintain complete camper enrollment history for mailings, marketing efforts, and year-to-year enrollment comparisons.
  • Collect all relevant contact information for the adults involved with the camper including mother, father, extended family (sibling, aunt, grandparent), and if applicable a guardian other than a parent. This includes name, address, contact information (phone, cell, and e-mail), marital status, relation to camper employer, and occupation. Users can indicate for each adult whether the camper can be released to that person..
  • Create programs and sub-programs with age, grade, and/or gender requirements easily. CAMPWISE performs error checks to ensure that each camper meets the requirements before allowing registration for that program and provides the appropriate error message when a camper does not meet the appropriate criteria. A camp administrator can override the requirements if needed.

Online Registration

  • For campers who have previously registered for camp, parents can simply update any information necessary and then proceed to registration. This eliminates the need for parents to fill out the entire registration form each year.
  • The online registration screens can be customized with style sheets to provide a seamless transition for the parent from the camp’s website to the CAMPWISE online application.
  • Seamless, customizable online registration screens for parents to easily access camper registration from the camp website formatted with camp banner.
  • Streamlined process for parents to pre-register or register one or multiple campers for multiple sessions/programs based on eligibility requirements (age, grade, and/or gender) using mobile devices (tablet, or smartphone).
  • Registration and payment information immediately updated and displayed in Parent Dashboard.
  • Flexible setup options to display (or turn off) certain information areas such as Parent/Guardian, Emergency Contacts, Forms (including Medical), Roommate requests, Transportation, Activity selections, Additional charges, Camp Store payments, Coupons, Requested Discounts, and Donation contribution.
  • Exit page options offer parents access to social media options such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to post new activity.
  • Online payments (check, credit card, e-check) can be made for single or multiple sessions, multiple campers, and prepaid camp store deposits.
  • Receipts are automatically emailed to designated person/parent.
  • Camps can determine whether certain information areas are displayed online for parents to see. Areas that can be turned on/off include the Parent/Guardian, Emergency Contacts, Forms, Roommate Requests, Transportation, Activity Selections, Additional Charges, Store Payments, Registration payments, Coupons, Requested Discounts, and Donation.

Finance and Payment Processing

  • Create unlimited transaction types for discounts, registration charges, store charges, refunds, and payments to easily manage fees, discounts and credits.
  • Define coupon codes for specific discounts to designated campers (church discounts, special camps, etc.) which are entered during the registration process to automatically apply the discount offered.
  • Record payments made by cash, check, e-check, or credit card - credit cards and e-checks are processed real time meeting PCI compliant standards. Camps can also record non-cash payments using the Other Payment type. This can be used for Gift Certificates, payroll deductions, or other non-cash payments.
  • Define account numbers for revenue tracking and provide daily scheduled reports generated by account number for easy input into financial software.
  • Invoices are customized with camp logo and information and sent to parent.


Manage your guest groups and facility rentals with this component. Manage reservations for facilities, food services, and other resources by organization and event. The open design of this component handles both a la carte and package pricing models.

  • Track all required information for an unlimited number of organizations, churches, schools, businesses, families, etc. in the CAMPWISE Common Records database shared by all CAMPWISE components thus eliminating duplicate data entry and creating one complete mailing list.
  • Record and maintain detailed information for each event including contacts, costs, food services, resources required, activities selected, scheduled dates, and contracts.
  • Maintain an online calendar of events available allowing users to view all groups that have reserved facilities.
  • Copy or move events and all associated item reservations, or copy an existing event to create a new event with the same information to easily create re-booking scenarios.
  • Track communications with contacts and enter notes at the entity or event level for future reference.


Manage your fund raising functions with this component. More than just basic gift entry, this component includes online giving, campaign management, relationship and volunteer tracking, contact management, and customizable receipt/thank you letters.

  • Track all individual donor and organization information in the CAMPWISE Common Records database (one person/organization record with multiple roles/multiple relationships) shared by all CAMPWISE components thus eliminating duplicate data entry and creating one complete mailing list
  • Donations/gifts (cash, credit card, check, e-check, and in-kind) can be made online and associated with a campaign, purpose, solicitation type, and letter/receipt type
  • Ability for donors to check online status for pledges, gifts, etc.
  • Individual donors can be associated with unlimited relationships including spouses, children, other family members, friends, unlimited organizations such as employers, churches, and boards
  • Contact management tracks contacts with donors or potential donors, and schedule follow up tasks and reminders
  • Accept pledges and donations for campaigns and specific purposes
  • Camps can create an unlimited number of forms to collect and organize data about donors. Camps users can customize the forms directly from the Forms screen
  • Track memberships, giving clubs, volunteer assignments and history for individual donors
  • Generate numerous reports including receipts, acknowledgement letters, pledge reminders, campaign reports, etc. as needed

Staff Management

Manage the entire summer staff hiring process with this component. The process begins with online staff applications and continues with the collection of reference letters online. Evaluate the application/reference information by position or session for each applicant and complete the hiring process by issuing a contract.

  • Prospective camp staff can complete and submit your camp’s staff application online, or complete in part and return later to complete process.
  • Completely customizable online staff application (using the CAMPWISE Form Creator feature).
  • Create multiple contract types if camp has different contracts for different types of staff.
  • Efficiently send reference requests to multiple applicants’ references at one time and automatically send reminders to references to complete the reference letter as needed.
  • References can be automatically entered into CAMPWISE (no re-entry required) and automatically updating the “Reference Received” check box saving additional time and labor.
  • Customizable reference letter is sent to each applicant hired using the Form Creator feature.
  • Track all required information for staff hired (new role of Staff added to Person Record) in the CAMPWISE Common Records database shared by all CAMPWISE components thus eliminating duplicate data entry and creating one complete mailing list.
  • A complete history of all positions applied for and the date of each application is maintained for each applicant as well as the number of years worked at camp.
  • Staff information remains in the database year after year, no need for re-entering application information each year. However, certain fields may be cleared requiring staff to re-enter certain information.

CAMPWISE POS – Point of Sale

Manage your camp store through this mobile device based component. Handle both charges to camper accounts and cash based transactions with full inventory control features. Unlimited devices can be used to facilitate quicker checkouts and shorten lines.

  • Handle camp store/canteen transactions via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) or a computer with payment options which include cash, check, credit card, e-check, or money deposited in CAMPWISE Store component.
  • All store items available for purchase are setup within CAMPWISE’s Transaction Type screen with default prices.
  • Inventory management component will track current inventory, sales from inventory via POS, additions to inventory, notices about items low on inventory, and end of season quantities.
  • Search option to look up person’s account in the CAMPWISE Common Records database shared by all CAMPWISE components.
  • Multiple devices are supported allowing multiple staff to check out campers or persons at the same time.
  • Digital signatures are accepted for credit card purchases via a module device with a finger swipe by the purchaser.
  • Receipts can be emailed to customer automatically.
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