MROC (Multiple Registrations One Charge)

Campwise Proprietary Common Record Software Lets You …

Register Multiple Individuals At One Time With A Single Charge
MROC is offered as an integrated addition to our online registration module, where the goal is to register multiple individuals at one time with a single person carrying all the charges for that event.
MROC Family Camp and Group Registration Software

Family Camp Families can easily pick sessions for family camp and add each participant with ease

Parent-Child Camps Father-son, mother-daughter, grandparent-grandchild

Retreats: Healing retreats, seasonal retreats, and more

Group Leaders Can register multiple campers without creating an account for each attendee

Fundraising Events For dinners, golf tournaments, charity events, and more
These are situations where all charges are grouped on one person. Optionally you can collect names of the individuals but names are not required. Form data can be collected on the group level but not individually.
Family Camp and Group Registration Software

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